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A French Affair

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SKU: 9780099549727
Quick overview softcover
Susan Lewis
R 75,00
Having survived every woman’s worst nightmare, Olivia Benning is now more than ready to start a new life.

Everything is in place, nothing should go wrong, and it wouldn’t have, if her husband hadn’t walked in unexpectedly to find her kissing her old boyfriend.

But Olivia soon finds out she’s not the only one who has a secret. Certainly the mother-in-law from hell has one, so does her own mother. And as for her husband and daughter . . .

Is nobody talking to anybody else in this family? The past is creeping up on the present, and it seems nothing can stop it. Lilliane Devennes has never given up on her dream and will go to any lengths to fulfill it, but now she’s having to ask herself, is this a man to die or kill for?

Meanwhile, Olivia is trying to rescue her daughter from a gang of teenage delinquents, while her husband is a law unto himself

Publisher: Arrow Books
Publication date:2007
Pages: 566
Weight: 315g

Product description

Publisher: Arrow Books
Publication date:2007
Pages: 566
Weight: 315g

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