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Quick overview Softcover
Elizabeth Woodcraft
R 60.00

Second in the sparky crime series featuring Tamla Motown-loving barrister Frankie Richmond

Barrister and sometime detective Frankie Richmond has never been any good at saying no – a fatal weakness that always leads to big trouble.

In Birmingham for a child abuse inquiry, Frankie reluctantly agrees to fill in at a corpseless murder trial for one day only. But walking away from a juicy crime brief was never going to be easy. Especially when the defendant’s girlfriend, who begs her for help to prove his innocence, is Frankie’s idea of gorgeous.

Soon she knows far more about the Birmingham underworld – and the leather sofa business – than is sensible for someone who’s off the case. Add to that a spot of breaking and entering, joy riding and bullet dodging and Frankie needs to track down the real murderer fast – if there’s been a murder at all.

Frankie’s chaotic approach to crime solving whistles along to the strains of Joe Cocker and the Four Tops in this follow up to Motown murder mystery Good Bad Woman.

Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication date:2003
Pages: 416
Weight: 245g

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Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication date:2003
Pages: 416
Weight: 245g

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