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Quick overview softcover
Kay Burley
R 45,00

A breaking story, a terrible legacy, and five days to discover the truth.

Lily Dunlop has it all – wealth, privilege and the perfect fiancé. Until, on the day of her 21st birthday, she receives a mysterious card which shatters everything she has ever known.

A deadly secret is held securely in a safety deposit box, and nothing is going to keep Lily from reaching it, even if she has to orchestrate a robbery to get to it. On Christmas Eve, armed with a replica gun, Lily takes her chance. Little does she realise however, that when the doors slam shut behind her, she and her accidental hostages will be locked in the vault for 5 long days.

Meanwhile, the story of the heiress turned robber transfixes the nation, the drama unfolding to a gripped TV audience 24 hours a day. What could possibly make this privileged young woman take such desperate actions? And what exactly is daddy’s little girl hiding?

Publisher: Harper
Publication date:2012
Pages: 386
Weight: 300g

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Publisher: Harper
Publication date:2012
Pages: 386
Weight: 300g

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