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Blue Horizon

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SKU: 9780333761359
Quick overview Hardcover
Wilbur Smith
R 50.00

In the tradition of Wilbur Smith's earlier bestseller, Monsoon, this spellbinding new novel introduces the next generation of Courtneys. They are out to stake their claim in Southern Africa, travelling along the infamous "Robbers' Road.""
The Dream Of A Family.
The Future Of An Empire.
The Adventure Of A Lifetime.
With adventure in their blood, Jim and Mansur Courtney seek to carve out a life for themselves and their families in the unexplored splendor of Africa. But laying claim to a land devastated by war yields unexpected risks. No sooner does their journey unfold than their destiny changes with the daring rescue of a woman imprisoned on a doomed convict ship. Blazing a thousand-mile trail, they escape across a savage world of warring native tribes, bounty hunters, and predators driven by greed and lust. Now the Courtney's true quest begins-a life-and-death pursuit of a dream at any cost...
"The eleventh volume in Smith's saga of the Courtney clan is every bit as riveting as its predecessors.

Publisher: Macmillan
Publication date:2003
Pages: 620
Weight: 985g

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Publisher: Macmillan
Publication date:2003
Pages: 620
Weight: 985g

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