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Blue Ice-Travels in Antarctica

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Quick overview softcover
Don Pinnock
R 250.00

Most people think of Antarctica as a white smudge at the bottom of the world map. Yet it’s a landmass almost half the size of Africa with weather and ocean currents that dominate the planet.

In Blue Ice, award-winning travel writer Don Pinnock journeys to the seventh continent – the last to be discovered. He explores what drew Cook, Bellingshousen, Shackleton, Scott and other adventurers and naturalists to this vast terrain

With sensitive descriptions and startling photography, he travels to the heart of Antarctica’s wilderness and explores the intimate relationship between Cape Town and the frozen south.

This is an extravagant travelogue, which paints a vivid portrait of one of the most remote and unforgiving places on earth. It reveals the extremes of adventure, courage and unspoilt beauty with precision, humour and a sense of wonder.

Publisher: Double Storey
Publication date:2005
Pages: 172
Weight: 525g

Product description

Publisher: Double Storey
Publication date:2005
Pages: 172
Weight: 525g

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