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Bodyguard Assassin

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SKU: 9780141359502
Quick overview softcover
Chris Bradford
R 50.00

Russia - the most dangerous place on earth to be a bodyguard.

Teenage bodyguard Connor Reeves faces his deadliest assignment yet. In a country governed by criminals, he must protect Feliks, the only son of Russian billionaire and politician, Viktor Malkov.

Viktor wants to change Russia for the good of all its people. But the mafia have different plans and a contract is out for the billionaire's life. With Feliks being the one chink in his father's armour, Connor must join forces with his rival Jason to act as a bulletproof shield against blackmail, assassination and kidnapping.

This is the first mission Connor and Jason have worked together. And with a deadly assassin on the loose it could be their last...

Publisher: Puffin
Publication date:2017

Pages: 374
Weight: 280g

Product description

Publisher: Puffin
Publication date:2017

Pages: 374
Weight: 280g

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