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Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman

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SKU: 9780439050005
Quick overview softcover
Dav Pilkey
R 40,00

Trying to salvage failing grades, George and Harold use their handy 3-D Hypno Ring on termagant teacher Ms. Ribble-and succeed only in creating a supervillain with a medusa-like 'do and a yen to conquer the world with wedgie power. Using a pair of robot sidekicks and plenty of spray starch, she even overcomes Captain Underpants. Is it curtains (or rather, wedgies) for all of us? Can the redoubtable fourth graders rescue the Waistband Warrior (a.k.a. Principal Krupp) and find a way to save the day? Well, duh. Not, of course, without an epic battle waged in low-budget Flip-O-Rama, plus no fewer than three homemade comics, including an "Origin of Captain Underpants" in which we learn that his home planet of Underpantyworld was destroyed by the . . . wait for it . . . "Starch Ship Enterprize."

Publisher: Scholastic
Publication date: 2001
Pages: 176
Weight: 165g

Product description

Publisher: Scholastic
Publication date: 2001
Pages: 176
Weight: 165g

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