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Die For Me

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SKU: 9780755337057
Quick overview Softcover
Karen Rose
B format
R 55.00

A killer with a passion for the past, his victims tortured beyond endurance, and all done in the name of a game: DIE FOR ME is bestselling Karen Rose at her most chilling best. Part of the Philadelphia/Atlanta series. 'Delivers the kind of high-wire suspense that keeps you riveted to the edge of your seat' Lisa Gardner.

When a multimedia games designer decides to take his research to the next level for his new game, The Inquisitor, fantasy ends and murder begins.

Vito Ciccotelli, homicide detective in Philadelphia PD, is expecting the worst. Called to a remote murder site in a wooded area on private property, he is confronted with numerous bodies, all with horrific injuries, all it seems the victim of the same killer.

When the medical examiner reveals that the wounds are consistent with instruments of medieval torture, Ciccotelli turns to Sophie Johannsen, museum curator and specialist in medieval warfare, to learn more about the killer's methods and to try and find the killer before he spirals out of control...

With a rising body count and a ruthless killer at large, this is classic Karen Rose.

Publisher: Headline
Publication date:2007

Pages: 500
Weight: 710g

Product description

Publisher: Headline
Publication date:2007

Pages: 500
Weight: 710g

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