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Dream Tide

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SKU: 9780843946604
Quick overview paperback
Robin Lee Hatcher
R 25.00

He'd married only to fulfill the terms of a bargain, but Brandon Fitzgerald found his wife-by-proxy the most enchantingly beautiful creature he'd ever beheld. They said her mind was touched by madness, that she'd never be a proper wife to him, but Brandon was a determined man, a man who let nothing stop him from taking what he wanted.

Bewildered by her circumstances, Chelsea was sure she had all her wits, yet she could recall only fleeting images from her past. And her future, embodied by the handsome stranger who was now her husband, seemed no less uncertain. In his powerful embrace she knew dizzying ecstasy, but would his arms provide a safe haven or drag her deeper into the swirling dangers of a seductive . . . Dream Tide!

Publisher: Leisure Books
Publication date:1999
Pages: 441
Weight: 240g

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Publisher: Leisure Books
Publication date:1999
Pages: 441
Weight: 240g

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