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Faith - Peter James

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SKU: 9781407215044
Quick overview paperback - Peter James

Ross Ransom is at the top of his profession; one of the most successful, and certainly one of the richest, plastic surgeons in the business. Such a man would expect his wife to be perfect – and why not? After all he has spent enough hours in surgery to get her that way. But when his wife falls ill she turns her back on conventional medicine and her arid marriage to Ransom and seeks help from the world of alternative medicine and a charismatic therapist who promises not just medical salvation. For Ransom this is the ultimate betrayal. It defies logic and Ross Ransom is a profoundly logical man and, logically, he can see no reason why any man should have his wife if he can’t. Ross Ransom is about to embark on a very rational course of action, murderously rational. Peter James has written a terrifying thriller that shows what happens when our faith in medicine goes out of control.


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