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Far Horizons

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SKU: 9781857239683
Quick overview paperback
Edited by: Robert Silverberg
R 60.00

Novellas and short stories from some of the greatest science fictions 'worlds' of all time.

The Ekumen: Old music and the slave women / Ursula K. Le Guin --
The Forever war: A separate war / Joe Haldeman --
The Ender series: Investment counselor / Orson Scott Card --
The Uplift universe: Temptation / David Brin --
Roma Eterna: Getting to know the dragon / Robert Silverberg --
The Hyperion cantos: Orphans of the helix / Dan Simmons --
The Sleepless: Sleeping dogs / Nancy Kress --
Tales of the Heechee: The boy who would live forever / Frederik Pohl --
The Galactic center series: A hunger for the infinite / Gregory Benford --
The ship who sang: The ship that returned / Anne McCaffrey --
The Way: The way of all ghosts / Greg Bear.

Publisher: Orbit Books
Publication date:2000
Pages: 691
Weight: 395g

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Publisher: Orbit Books
Publication date:2000
Pages: 691
Weight: 395g

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