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If I Should Die

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SKU: 9780340638323
Quick overview Softcover
Hilary Norman writing as Alexandra Henry
R 20.00

Another heart-stopping thriller from internationally-bestselling author, Hilary Norman.

In Boston and Chicago, two ex-patients whose lives have recently been saved by a trusted medical procedure die mysterious, violent deaths. After a third death in San Francisco, Lieutenant Joe Duval finds himself heading a task force: mission to find the perpetrator without causing national panic.

In New England, Joe’s younger sister Lally, a ballet teacher, has been experiencing alarming symptoms, but a cardiologist says it’s nothing that can’t easily be dealt with, and Lally sees no reason to worry her brother…

By the time Joe discovers that her life may be in great danger, the task force is almost out of time, and a frantic, complex battle is underway to save Lally and end a madman’s reign of terror.

Publisher: Coronet
Publication date: 1995
Pages: 358
Weight: 210g

Product description

Publisher: Coronet
Publication date: 1995
Pages: 358
Weight: 210g

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