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In the Mood

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SKU: 9780007750757
Quick overview Softcover
Suzanne MacPherson
R 45,00

Her job stinks, her car is one jolting gasp away from the junkyard, her creditors have her on speed dial ... and yet when Allison Jennings isn't scooping ice cream, she's reading tabloid tales about billionaire "Sexy Dexy" Needham III. She knows she'd never bump into him, but somehow she feels she knows him ...

Then her best friend, an outrageous socialite, convinces her to attend a party at the Needham mansion. Allison won't accept handouts, but how can she resist a peek at Dex?

But Dex has had it with the parade of Babses, Midges, and Muffies his family marches before him. And then he meets Allison -- so luscious, so pretty, so ... familiar.

There is something about Allison that rattles him ... something that happened ten years ago. Something he never forgot ...

Publisher: Avon Romance
Publication date:2005
Pages: 372
Weight: 215g

Product description

Publisher: Avon Romance
Publication date:2005
Pages: 372
Weight: 215g

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