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Quick overview Hardcover
Simon Scarrow
R 49,00

From the author of the Sunday Times bestsellers BritanniaCenturion and The Gladiator, and co-author with T. J. Andrews of the Sunday Times bestseller Arena, comes a tense, action-packed adventure with the Roman army officer Figulus in the heart of barbaric first-century Britannia.

Roman Britain, AD 44. The land is far from tamed. A puppet king is doing little to calm the hatred of the native tribes and bring them under Roman rule.

Fighting is in Optio Horatius Figulus' blood. His Celtic ancestry is mocked by his fellow soldiers, but it gives him the toughness essential for survival. That toughness will be tested to the very limit when he is sent on a mission deep in hostile territory.

And Figulus understands the Celtic mind. He knows that, even utterly crushed in battle, their warriors routed and the Druids driven from their hill forts, the tribesmen of Britannia will sooner die than surrender.

Figulus fought alongside Macro and Cato in Simon Scarrow's bestselling Eagles of the Empire series. In Invader, he stands alone.

Publisher: Headline Review
Publication date:2016
Pages: 369
Weight: 655g

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Publisher: Headline Review
Publication date:2016
Pages: 369
Weight: 655g

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