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Lunch with Mussolini

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SKU: 9780749319953
Quick overview paperback
Derek Hansen
R 35.00

In the spring of 1945, with the end of the Second World War in sight, a German officer orders the reprisal shooting of eight woman in a small alpine village near Lake Como.

Nearly fifty years later, in a suburb of Sydney, the daughter of one of the victims discovers her mother's executioner quietly living under an assumed name a few streets away.

Aware of the impotence of the law, Colombina is determined to avenge the past. She makes up her mind to confront the old man and make him pay for his crime.

Colombina in turn is forced to confront her own past and her own involvement.

In Lunch with Mussolini four men meet every Thursday to share their passion for storytelling.

Derek Hansen weaves a gripping tale of romance and tragedy, heroism and treachery, which twists and turns to an ending as stunning as it is unexpected.

Publisher: Mandarin Books
Publication date:1995
Pages: 432
Weight: 265g

Product description

Publisher: Mandarin Books
Publication date:1995
Pages: 432
Weight: 265g

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