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Mornings in Jenin

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SKU: 9781408805879
Quick overview softcover
Susan Abulhawa
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Palestine 1941. In the small village of Ein Had a father leads a procession of his family and workers through the olive groves. As they move through the trees the green fruits drop onto the orchard floor; the ancient cycle of the seasons providing another bountiful harvest.

Palestine 1948. The Abulheja family are forcibly removed from their ancestral home in Ein Hod and sent to live in a refugee camp in Jenin. Through Amal, the bright granddaughter of the patriarch, we witness the stories of her brothers: one, as stolen boy who becomes an Israeli soldier; the other who is sacrificing everything for the Palestinian cause will become his enemy.

Amal’s own dramatic story threads it’s way through six decades of Palistine-Israeli tension, eventually taking her into exile in Pennsylvania in America. Amal’s is a story of love and loss, of childhood, marriage, parenthood, and finally the need to share her history with her daughter, to preserve the greatest love she has. Richly told and full of humanity, Mornings in Jenin forces us to take a fresh look of one of the defining political conflicts of our time. 

Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication date:2010
Pages: 331
Weight: 485g

Product description

Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publication date:2010
Pages: 331
Weight: 485g

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