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River's End

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SKU: 9780749931599
Quick overview paperback
Nora Roberts
R 60.00

Olivia's parents had been one of Hollywood's golden couples... until the monster destroyed their home and took her mother away from her forever. The monster with her father's face...

Now a young woman, Olivia's memory of that night has faded. But, despite the years that have passed, she yearns to recall those horrifying events, to know the truth about her childhood.

With the help of young writer, Noah Brady, she could have the chance. Noah wants to tell the story that has become a part of Hollywood history.

But before Olivia can confront her past, she must safeguard her future. For the monster walks again...

Publisher: Piatkus
Publication date:2009
Pages: 402
Weight: 235g

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Publisher: Piatkus
Publication date:2009
Pages: 402
Weight: 235g

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