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Secrets - Volume 14

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SKU: 9780975451649
Quick overview Softcover
Angela Knight, Alexa Aames, Leigh Wyndfield & Jennifer Barlowe
R 45.00

Soul Kisses by Angela Knight
Beth Chase learned vampires weren’t all bad when Cade McKinnon Turned—and married—her sister, Valerie. But some vampires are evil, and to Beth’s horror, she finds herself kidnapped by the worst of the bunch, Joaquin Ramirez, an immortal sadist. Luckily, she’s rescued by handsome vampire cousins, Morgan and Garret Axton, who are locked in their own war with the killer. Can she find happiness with two vampires—and can they break Ramirez’s vicious hold on her very soul?

Stolen Magic by Alexa Aames
Ariana escaped the Middle Ages after stealing a kiss of magic from the dark and sexy sorcerer, Marcus de Grey. When Marcus kidnaps and returns her to the 14th century, they begin a battle of wills and a sexual odyssey that could spell disaster for them both.

Night Heat by Leigh Wynfield
When Rip Bowhite leads a revolt on the prison planet called the Velopit, he never anticipates that the Inter-world Council would abandon the planet, leaving prisoners, guards, and even the administrative personnel struggling to survive against the monsters that rule the night.

With their lives at stake, Jemma, the prison’s Healer, won't allow herself to be distracted by the instant and overpowering attraction she feels for Rip, until that passion flares to dizzying heights. As the stakes are raised and death draws near, love seems doomed in the heat of the night.

Ailis and the Beast by Jennifer Barlowe
When Ailis agreed to be her village’s sacrifice to the mysterious Beast she was prepared to sacrifice her virtue, and possibly her life. But some things aren’t what they seem. In a time of ritual and mystery, Ailis and the Beast are about to discover that animal passions are just the beginning, and the greatest sacrifice may be the human heart.

Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Publication date:2005
Pages: 316
Weight: 505g

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Publisher: Red Sage Publishing
Publication date:2005
Pages: 316
Weight: 505g

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