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Quick overview paperback
Penny Jordan
R 69.00

Resist everything, apart from temptation…
A sumptuous and decadent tale from the international mega-seller.

London, the 1950s, four girls realise that life doesn't always go according to plan.

Scheming Emerald has always got what she wants. Now her sights are set on a royal match. But little does she know the consequences of ensnaring her man.

The illegitimate daughter of a louche playboy and Chinese hooker, Rose always felt an outsider. But now she's gracing the pages of Vogue, her exotic beauty attracting much attention - not all if it wanted…

Rebel Janey is determined to make it in the world of fashion. But her devil-may-care attitude introduces her to dangerous company.

Studious Ella is ecstatic when she's sent to New York to hone her journalism skills. But miles away from everything she knows, is she following her heart?

As each girl navigates a world full of pitfalls and heartache, will they finally get what they wish for?

Publisher: Avon
Publication date:2009
Pages: 628
Weight: 355g

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Publisher: Avon
Publication date:2009
Pages: 628
Weight: 355g

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