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Sons and Daughters & The Tulip Girl

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SKU: 9780330545457
Quick overview paperback
Margaret Dickinson
R 40.00

SONS AND DAUGHTERS: Charlotte is an only child, reared by a brutal father who cannot forgive her for not being the son he desires. Loved by most that she meets, Charlotte has a gift for friendship, and it is her work as a Sunday School teacher that gives her hope - and an escape from home. When Charlotte meets Miles Thornton, she is instantly drawn to him. He is new to the area and a widower, with three lovely young sons to look after but the one thing he has longed for is a daughter. As they grow to understand one another, it seems that Miles and Charlotte have more in common that meets the eye... Sweeping from the early 1920s through to the end of World War II. THE TULIP GIRL: Abandoned outside an orphange as a newborn baby, spirited Maddie March has had to fight her way through life. So when she finds a home at Few Farm with Frank Brackenbury and his household, she welcomes the chance for a fresh start.

Work on the farm is hard, but believing herself truly loved for the first time in her young life by the farmer's son, Michael, even the animosity of the housekeeper Mrs Trowbridge cannot mar Maddie's newfound happiness.

1947 brings harsh winter, sweeping devastion over the farm and threatening the Brackenburys' livelihood. All seems lost, until Maddie has an idea that might save them all from poverty.

But then she discovers she is pregnant.....

Publisher: Pan Books
Publication date:2011
Pages: 940
Weight: 515g

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Publisher: Pan Books
Publication date:2011
Pages: 940
Weight: 515g

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