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Stolen Magic

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SKU: 9781420102529
Quick overview softcover
Esri Rose
R 25,00

Romance Can Be Tricky. . .
In a world where humans are displacing elves in alarming numbers, Adlia spends her days working at elf headquarters. But with no artistic talent of her own, and orphaned too young to have known her parents, Adlia is an outsider even among her own elven kind. Only Mark, her human photography instructor, sees that beneath her sarcastic humor lies a vulnerable soul--and a desirable young woman.
. . .Especially When An Elf Is Involved
But while relationships with humans are pleasurable, they're also complicated, as Adlia is about to discover. For somewhere between her mind-blowing first human kiss and falling in love, a mysterious memory loss strikes the elf population. Now Adlia has to save her people and herself before she forgets everything. If she succeeds, she may also solve an important piece of her personal puzzle and find that Mark fits perfectly.

Publisher: Zebra
Publication date:2009
Pages: 320
Weight: 155g

Product description

Publisher: Zebra
Publication date:2009
Pages: 320
Weight: 155g

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