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The Completely Complete Dr Jack's Illustrated South African Byrd Book

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Quick overview Softcover
Dr Jack
R 29,00

"Dr Jack's South African Byrd Book" is the region's guide to mutant species, and describes byrds from somewhere to nowhere. This edition does not contain: New frivolous drawings, because the publisher cannot afford revisions. A new introduction by a distinguished ornithologist, because we do not know any. Any new vagrants. There are too many of them. New species ( what's the point - they keep on mutating). New common English or vulgar Latin names. Colour coding. Do you know what colour printing costs? Quick identification indexes and reference systems. Guides to habitats and life lists. A multi-lingual index. Any mention of Ken Newman, except in this instance. Dr Jack is a graduate of the University of Plaston and couldn't tell the difference between a White Rook and Black Bishop, he's not much good at chess either. He is not particularly expert at anything, but does like to doodle. Publisher's note: Publication of this work is only possible because of our own generosity. No major sponsor contributed towards the cost of creating this book. That is why it looks so drab. The publisher is currently seeking sponsorship to make possible the publication of a user-friendly checklist.

Publisher: The Spearhead Press
Publication date: 1999
Pages: 92
Weight: 150g

Product description

Publisher: The Spearhead Press
Publication date: 1999
Pages: 92
Weight: 150g

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