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The Executor

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SKU: 9780751540291
Quick overview softcover
Jesse Kellerman
R 49,00

Things aren’t going well for Joseph Geist. He’s broke. His graduate school advisor won’t talk to him. And his girlfriend has kicked him out of her apartment, leaving him homeless and alone. It’s a tough spot for a philosopher to be in, and he’s ready to give up all hope of happiness when an ad in the local paper catches his eye.

'Conversationalist wanted', it reads.

Which sounds perfect to Joseph. After all, he’s never done anything in his life except talk. And the woman behind the ad turns out to be the perfect employer: brilliant, generous, and willing to pay him for making conversation. Before long, Joseph has moved in with her, and has begun to feel very comfortable in her big, beautiful house.

So comfortable, in fact, that he would do anything to stay there - forever

Publisher: Sphere
Publication date:2010
Pages: 482
Weight: 345g

Product description

Publisher: Sphere
Publication date:2010
Pages: 482
Weight: 345g

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