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The GI Diet

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Quick overview Rick Gallop
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The Original International Gi Diet Bestseller, Now Revised And Updated
- Over 40 all new recipes and meal plans
- Over 100 new red, yellow and green light food listings
- Updates on everything from low carbs to office lunches and family meals
- More readers' comments and suggestions

Most diets fail for these three reasons - you go hungry, they're too complicated or they are simply unhealthy. With Rick Gallop's acclaimed Gi diet
- you won't feel hungry or deprived
- you will never have to count calories, carbs or points again
- it's healthy and nutritious and will reduce your risk of major diseases.
Based on the Glycemic Index, or GI, which rates foods according to how fast they are digested, the Gi Diet makes choosing the right food simple with its unique, easy-to-follow traffic light system:

*Foods to avoid
*Foods to eat occasionally
*Foods to eat as much of as you want

And the benefits are more than just weight loss! Changing your eating habits can also help prevent life-threatening illnesses, like heart disease and diabetes.
"Losing weight is relatively easy with many "fad" Diets; maintaining the loss with these diets is difficult and largely impossible to sustain. Rick Gallop has found the key to permanent weight loss"

Publisher: Virgin Books
Publication date:2003
Pages: 200
Weight: 430g

Format: Softcover

Product description

Publisher: Virgin Books
Publication date:2003
Pages: 200
Weight: 430g

Format: Softcover

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