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The Hancock Boys

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SKU: 9780553573978
Quick overview Softcover
Thomas William Simpson
R 50,00

A uniquely terrifying thriller that breaks all of the commandments...with a vengeance.

Not since Cain and Abel have there been two brothers like...The Hancock Boys.

What if two identical twin brothers decided to share a career, a family, a wife, a life? That is exactly what the Hancock boys decided to do. They took turns playing the role of the perfect husband, father, and bestselling novelist while the other lived out his wildest fantasies. It seemed the perfect setup. But what if one of them pushed the game too far? What if there was someone out there who knew their secret?

And, worst of all, what if one of the brothers suspected the other of teetering on the edge of sanity? The Hancock boys both know their game is coming to an end. And they have the perfect plan to protect their marriage, their skyrocketing career, and their very lives. The two men must become one. But which brother is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice? And with so much at stake, can either truly trust the other?

Publisher: Bantam Books
Publication date:2000
Pages: 514
Weight: 270g

Product description

Publisher: Bantam Books
Publication date:2000
Pages: 514
Weight: 270g

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