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The Sower Went Forth & The Fruitful Vine

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SKU: 9780330396912
Quick overview softcover
Audrey Willsher
R 45,00

The Sower went forth:

Book IV in the Leicestershire Chronicles -- Emily, now with a career, is married to Rory and living in London, but theirs is a tempestuous marriage, with the old attraction between Adam and Emily still simmering in the background. Adam himself is in love with Emily, but has fathered twins with the scheming Hattie in Leicester. When Jed dies, leaving Rachel unable to run her business without Emily's help, the future course of events seems inevitable...

The Fruitful Vine:

The third volume in the enthralling Leicestershire chronicle After nine years in America, Adam has come home, bringing with him his wife, Isabelle. His mother's initial surprise turns to joy as she realizes she will be spared the unsuitable Emily as a daughter-in-law. Emily copes with Adam's betrayal by flinging herself into various causes, including the Chartist Movement, where she meets radical Irishman Rory Aherne, who is determined to make her his mistress. But when Adam comes back into her life they are both aware that the old attraction is far from dead... 

Publisher: Pan Books
Publication date:2000
Pages: 562
Weight: 295g

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Publisher: Pan Books
Publication date:2000
Pages: 562
Weight: 295g

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