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Touching Earth

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SKU: 9780340823859
Quick overview softcover
Rani Manicka
R 49,00

THE BALINESE TWINS -- Beautiful and exotic, they exchange an island paradise for the shabby squalor of London, and innocence for corruption.

THE SICILIAN -- Ricky Delgado strikes a devil's bargain with a blood goddess: 'Build my temple and bring me the souls of damaged people, and you will see what rewards I give.

THE COURTESAN -- Elizabeth makes her living from men's desire. With a flick of the switch in her head, she feels nothing: no pain, no hate, no sorrow, no joy.

THE ARTIST -- Anis takes to painting as an outlet for his rage. His artist's eye knows his subjects before they know themselves, and he paints them all, a gallery of broken people.

Can they escape the deadly web of decadence and sin?

Publisher: Sceptre
Publication date:2005
Pages: 432
Weight: 320g

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Publisher: Sceptre
Publication date:2005
Pages: 432
Weight: 320g

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