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Whip Hand/Odds Against

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SKU: 9780330446709
Quick overview paperback
Dick Francis
R 50.00

Whip Hand

Sid Halley had been a champion jockey. But those days were lost in a fall beneath 500 pounds of horse that cost him his left hand and his racing future -- and fractured his marriage in the bargain.

Now medical and engineering science have provided him with a marvelous mechanical substitute for his whip hand. But there are no substitutes in Halley 's life for his two great loves: his beautiful, bitchy ex-wife., and thoroughbred racing.

And they're both in trouble ..trouble that has led him into a battle of nerves with an elegant, vicious aristocrat -- where losing could be worse than the loss of his hand, his career or his wife -- and where surviving means a desperate confrontation with his own worst fear.

Odds Against

Former hotshot jockey Sid Halley landed a position with a detective agency, only to catch a bullet from some penny-ante thug. Now, he has to go up against a field of thoroughbred criminals--and the odds are against him that he'll even survive.

Publisher: Pan Books
Publication date:2006
Pages: 345
Weight: 340g

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Publisher: Pan Books
Publication date:2006
Pages: 345
Weight: 340g

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